Product Image Information

Most of our sports and art prints show the sizes, but sometimes it's hard to make sure 100 percent. There might be a few size or color variations especially after the print or image is framed. When an item can only be purchased framed then it will show the framed dimensions, which will be approximate.

Difference between prints and posters
Whereas posters are printed on much lower quality inks on thin high gloss stock, Citi Sports Memorabilia produces prints using either the lithographic or serigraphic printing process on high quality archival acid-free paper. We are sure you will be happy with the quality of our products and high standard of our framing.

Difference between online images and actual images
We try our best to show our customers the same quality and clarity of images, which original prints or posters have, in real life. The actual print/photo/poster will look much better in color and clarity and you will love the details and depth of vibrant colors.

Caption/copyright writings on images
All of our prints will have no captions or copyrights written on the finished product. Some publishers put a watermark on the online image for copyright protection, but the finished product will not have these watermarks.

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